The Hunger Year is a gripping historical novel set in New England in the years just following the War of 1812. The story follows the adventurous young Magen Creed, who makes an epic journey to a farm in Vermont that belongs to her missing father’s family. What she finds at Creed Farm is a dynamic and unconventional family and a love that will transform her forever.

Unbeknownst to the citizens of this young America, the relentless march of the worst famine of the nineteenth century has begun. The hunger that drives young Magen’s indomitable spirit is both real and metaphorical. Some will survive ‘the end of days,’ others will not. But no one will ever forget what has come to be known as ‘the year without a summer’ —or, ‘the Hunger Year’. This novel portrays with little sentimentality the difficulties and hardships our ancestors experienced during this incredible year in our history. Its rich detail of the time period and way of life is intended for adults and the older teen reader.


January 5, 2015
Just learned that The Hunger Year earned an Honorable Mention in the New England Book Festival for 2014!